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Putting Capital Punishment to Death :: essays research papers fc

     Hanging, the terminating crew, the gas chamber, the hot seat, deadly infusion; these are a few present techniques for capital punishment. The death penalty has been utilized in America for quite a while, what's more, has consistently introduced clashes. There are numerous gatherings that fight the death penalty, and there are numerous gatherings that are for it. The contentions it presents have to do with the expense, in the event that it is altruistic, or then again in the event that it is good. With these issues thought about, it is obvious to anybody that capital discipline is an inappropriate decision.      The early types of capital punishment were not just significantly less empathetic than they are currently, yet considerably more pitiless and irregular. Hanging, perhaps the most punctual structure, is in reality despite everything utilized in 3 states as one type of the death penalty. The prisoner would not get blindfolded, in contrast to most techniques, at that point they would remain on a stool or box. A noose would then be wrapped, and fixed, around their neck. The case or stool is then kicked free from the detainee, and spectators watch in expectation while the detainee chokes to death. Now and again, the inmate’s neck would break, right away slaughtering him. (Baird 22)      Other early types of the death penalty were the guillotine and the terminating crew. Both of these strategies utilized blindfolds. For the guillotine, the detainee would set down on their back under a gigantic sharp edge hanging over their neck. The killer would then cut a rope, discharging the sharp edge that at that point cuts through the inmate’s neck, beheading him. For the terminating crew, and detainee would be directed to a seat before a block divider. A prepared terminating crew at that point lines up before the detainee. The shooting crew at that point discharge their firearms at an objective on the inmate’s chest. To alleviate the blame of the crew, a portion of their firearms were stacked with spaces, so nobody could know whether they were the ones who executed the man. The guillotine isn't utilized any longer, yet the terminating crew is as yet utilized in a couple of states. Anybody can perceive any reason why these strategies are not utilized as much any longer. (Baird 21)      Now to the genuine contentions. The vast majority don't understand these insensitive strategies for the death penalty are as yet being utilized, yet the more questionable ones are the techniques everybody thinks about. One of the more seasoned momentum techniques is he hot seat. The hot seat isn't the most questionable, despite the fact that it is the least accommodating of the broadly utilized practices.

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With particular reference to two theoretical perspectives relating to Essay - 1

With specific reference to two hypothetical points of view identifying with social work evaluations and mediations - Essay Example As per Cognitive Behavioral Theory, insight assumes a significant job in conduct change. That is comprehensions or contemplations of an individual has a state on their conduct, and adverse musings or recognitions can make it intense for an individual to make a positive social change. Subjective social mediations unite intellectual and conduct systems to take care of various social and mental issues. The thought is that by modifying a person’s unreasonable or defective reasoning and practices and imbuing constructive contemplations and thoughts will change the way that an individual adapts and takes a gander at a circumstance (Daley, 2006). That is by changing their point of view individuals can ponder the choices they make. Anyway there are numerous kinds of speculations in brain research can be incorporated under this portion. Here I would like to stress on a portion of the general focuses in every one of them. Intellectual social hypothesis specialists regularly accept that the encounters that a youngster assembles in his kid hood have a state in the advancement of his character. Ones character is formed by them. These encounters are instilled in the psyches of the youngster. For instance in the event that you were exposed to segregation in kid hood, for example, in light of race, religion social and sexual orientation these things will be imbued contrarily in their brains. So I have to expel the severe negative recollections of their past encounters. There is a maxim that these inborn drives are the realities that influence the inspiration of human conduct. Subsequently I need to participate in psychological social mediations to adjust the negative contemplations that have been instilled in their brains from kid hood in to positive ones that assist them with taking a gander at life in another point of view. They may have been exposed to unfortunate or ill-advised social connections in their youth. These may have been fortified in their brains by a critical individual in their

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martin vs malcolm :: essays research papers

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a significant figure of the cutting edge period. His talks and discoursed moved the worry and started the feeling of good and bad of an age. The developments and walks he drove got significant changes the establishment of American life through his boldness and caring commitment. This devotion provided guidance to thirteen years of social liberties exercises. His beguiling initiative roused people, youthful and old, in this country and around the globe. His way of thinking of peaceful direct activity, and his systems for objective and non-ruinous social change, animated the inner voice of this country and reordered its needs. His knowledge, his words, his activities, his responsibility, and his fantasy for another lifestyle are tied with the American experience. Martin Luther King, Jr. was conceived January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the principal child and second kid destined to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. what's more, Alberta Williams King. He wedded Coretta Scott, the more youthful little girl of Obadiah and Bernice McMurry Scott of Marion, Alabama, on June 18, 1953. At five years old, Martin Luther King, Jr. started school, before arriving at the legitimate age of six, at the Yonge Street Elementary School in Atlanta. At the point when his age was found, he was not allowed to proceed in school and didn't continue his instruction until he was six. Following Yonge School, he was taken a crack at David T. Howard Elementary School. He additionally went to the Atlanta University Laboratory School and Booker T. Washington High School. Due to his high scores on the school selection tests in his lesser year of secondary school, he progressed to Morehouse College without formal graduation from Booker T. Washington. Having skirted both the ninth and twelfth grades, Dr. Ruler entered Morehouse at fifteen years old. During his time in school Dr. Lord was granted a wide range of privileged degrees from different schools and colleges in the United States and a few remote nations. Dr. Lord additionally got various honors for his initiative in the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. lord accepted that each man was made equivalent climate dark, white, orange, or green nobody to him was not as equivalent a human as the following man. He put stock in calmly his tranquility with out hurting and murdering the following man however to plunk down and talk man to man human to human.

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Case Study Robert Reich. Literature Review - 275 Words

Case Study: Robert Reich. Literature Review (Essay Sample) Content: Case Study Literature ReviewName:Institution: Who is the author, or authors? Robert Reich Who is the intended audience?Americans and the public Is the information relevant to the subject of the case study?Yes, the information is relevant to the case study as it elucidates on how to help the needy in our daily social spheres How credible is this source?Robert Reich has posed a debate over the exceeding and extending benefits of unemployment and the possible ways of providing food stamps for the poor. It has also posed ways that healthy people need to buy insurance benefits to succumb current or the pre-existing problems of healthy. What evidence does the author use?The author cites evidence from the people or residents in the upscale neighborhoods who do not wish to spend many of their tax dollars so that the poor people in the neighborhoods can be helped. There is also evidence of some citizens from a wealthy class of individuals like from Louisiana, East of Baton tr ying to share with poor residents of town as they set up their own district to help poor individuals. Is the information reliable?Sure, the information is indeed reliable to explain the differences between groups of people; the poor and the rich. What biases are evident in this example? There is bias that relates to schools of the black and white people in the county of and in Detroit. Most students in the south schools are white while the neighborhoods are black. Black individuals are segregated and even they are not assisted, they are seen as poor people all the time. A thesis statement, which may be more than one sentence in lengthThe thesis statement is the main point, which supports the investigation or a research. In this case, reducing the income inequality between individuals is one of the fundamental concerns. Some people do not wish to pay tax in dollars so that their counterparts in other places who are poor can be assisted (Gilens, 1999). The result is an increase in the gap, which brings racial differences that extend to school such as in Detroit and other countries. Several supporting detailsIn life, the gap between poor and the rich may keep on rising depending on the other peoples consideration either to give taxes or not to help others. Ideally, racial prejudices are another factor that contributes to the increasing income gaps among people in society. Were it, not for the social differences, then the rich individuals would assist ...

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Jacques Benigne Boussuet The Principles Of Politics

Jacques Benigne Boussuet was born September 7th, 1627, in Dijon France. He died in 1704, however his ideas did not. Bossuet wrote a book named, â€Å"The Principles of Politics derived from the scripture† which summarizes the idea of a monarchy based upon The Word of the Most High. Bossuet debates that a human man does not seat the throne or become king, but the true king is God. Bossuet writes in his Political Treatise, â€Å"Consequently, as we have seen, the royal throne is not the throne of a man, but the throne of God himself.†(Jacques Benigne Boussuet) Furthermore, Bossuet explains that the a king gains his power through God and whoever goes against the way of the king, goes against the way of God. There is no one to change the thinking of God, or to suggest new changes in His arrangement. Therefore, if the king derives his power from God, the one who is Most High and does not have a wavered thought, neither should the king. Bossuet does explain, however, that the king should not use this grandeur power to his pleasure or advantage, for that would be unjust. â€Å"What profanation, what arrogance, for the unjust king to sit on God s throne to render decrees contrary to his laws and to use the sword which God has put in his hand for deeds of violence and to slay his children!†(Jacques Benigne Boussuet) He continues to explain that if God does give a king the power to rule, he should use it to the likeness of God and God’s people, not himself. â€Å"The prince, as prince, is not regarded

Business Accounting Farmers Cooperative

Question: Discuss about the Business Accounting for Farmers Cooperative. Answer: Introduction: Wesfarmers were established as Western Australian Farmers Cooperative initially and later they have grown among the largest listed companies of Australia. They have their headquarters in Western Australia and they deals primarily in liquor, convenience store, supermarkets, office supplies and home improvements. They are one of the largest companies in Australia that employs 220,000 employees and has a shareholders count of approximately 530,000. The main intention of Wesfarmers is to offer reasonable return to their shareholder. On the other hand, Woolworth is the largest Supermarket in Australia. They operate 961 stores all over Australia and employ 111,000 employees in their support offices, distribution centres to provide superior services, value, range and convenience. They pride themselves for closely working with the Australian farmers and growers and assure best quality products for their customers. They source 96% of vegetables and fresh fruits and 100% of meat products from Australian farmers and growers. They are well-known about the fact that the customers are always looking for simple, easy and new experience for shopping. Consumers can shop from their computer through their online shopping sites from any corner of Australia. Woolworths also created an app named Woolworths Supermarket App through which the groceries can be delivered directly to the customers kitchen. Investment: As per the IASB, the investment should be recorded as a significant activity for business and develops particular presentation and measurement. It requires disclosures for conducting the activity of business (Hu, Percy and Yao 2015). As per the standards, the investments should be recorded as follows: Companies should not use the current value method for the long-term investments. They must use cost-based method or updated measurement through using the long-term estimation and verify about any impairment loss by utilizing the methods, which are entity specific rather than based on market (Yao, Percy and Hu 2015). If the present value method is used, revaluation must be reported in other comprehensive income (OCI) statement rather than reporting in the profit and loss statement. In addition, the total loss or gain must be recycled or reclassified on the particular date from the OCI to the profit and loss statement (Bond, Govendir and Wells 2016). Write-down is an accounting term utilized to explain a decrease in the assets book value due to fundamental or economic changes in the asset. Write-down is exactly the opposite of write-up. Companies are required to write-down their assets to maintain a particular level of capital as compared to the potential liabilities or portfolios. Whenever the company write-down their asset, they are required to raise the capital from any other source to maintain the obligation of minimum capital (Rossouw 2013). In May 2016, Wesfarmers declared that they are going to write-down assets worth more than $2 billion that includes a big part of their target investment. Adverse effect of writing down the investment from the fixed asset will increase the reported profit temporarily. This decision by the management of Wesfarmers was a tough one but at the same time, it was a necessary step. Failing to react against the severe global competitors, stepping in the sublimate of budget-priced and running thro ugh the quick time by the host of managing directors were the main reasons behind writing down the assets from target (Biddle 2016). Other reasons were: targets were underperforming on a continuous basis as the intruders controlled it and targets were finding it unable to compete with the prices. In last 9 years, Wesfarmers target had 4 managing directors. However, after the exit of their long-time boss, Launa Inman in 2011, no director lasted for more than three years. After adding target to his responsibilities by Kmart head Russo, rumours fuelled in the market that all the chains are being merged. This rumours also played an important role in lowering the return from target investment (Rowe et al. 2014). Target investment of Wesfarmers were never been a crisis for the company as it was contributing 5% to the group earning. However, the write-down decision pushed it back to the spotlight. On the other hand, Woolworths confirmed that they will wind up or sell out their loss making masters chain and will look for potential buyer. Though the analysts welcomed this decision, Woolworth have to write-down $600 million to $1.2 billion out of their $3.3 billion investment. However, they could raise $2 billion from master stores selling and 63 sites. Out of which the company itself owned 39. Exiting the improvement of home will results in $245 million to $300 million of operating losses per year from masters and it will avoid investing more capital in the core business. This decision concluded that the probability of losses will be continued for several years and will create an obligation of $886 million. Disclosure for the writing down of assets as per AASB will be as follows: The financial statement must disclose the basis on which the value is written down, the method of depreciation, useful life of the asset, gross carrying amount on the date of writing down and any impairment loss that may have been reversed in past. The financial statement shall also disclose existence and restrictions, of any, on the title and if any part of the asset has been pledged, contractual commitment, if any, regarding the asset for the acquisition and the amount of expenses recognized related to the asset. It must disclose the model used for the asset such as the cost model or fair value model. If the fair value method is used, then under what circumstances it has been used and the criteria used for differentiating the investment property and owner-occupied property (Bond, Govendir and Wells 2016). Wesfarmers allocated $145 million as provisions and restructuring cost for rebasing the target and recorded $50 million approximately as EBIT loss for the target. Non-cash impairment amounting to $600 million to $850 million pre-tax and $420 million to $600 million post-tax is to be recorded as target. Non-cash impairment amounting to $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion pre-tax to be recorded in Target. Accounting impairments for target, which will be the closing value as portion of the group's annual accounts for FY 2016, are non-cash in nature (, 2017). Accounting impairments for target had no material impact on current business. Moreover, it will not affect the group's conformity with the bank agreement. It is expected that group's final dividend for FY 2016 will be calculated based on group's net profit after tax excluding the impairment charges. Non-cash impairment will be recorded as a write down of Targets part of goodwill arising on the acquisition of Coles Group, as well as selected individual store based assets. As per Bruce Smith, the portfolio manager, said that investors needed to keep in mind that the impairments are of non-cash nature and will not have much effect on companys solvency or liquidity (Alden 2016). However, it will results in a permanent decrease in the companys earnings capability of Target, which suggests that the shareholders should not expect the division to achieve the same levels of profits in the future as compared to the past. Wesfarmers also revealed that, Target was expected to lose $50 million in the current financial year, before factoring $145 million as costs of reconstruction that were considered to improve their performance. Both figures are different from non-cash impairments. In total, restructuring charges and impairments amounted between $1.85 billion and $2.3 billion. The exit process of master by Woolworths will involve them buying back 33.3% interest from WDR Delaware Corporation, a subsidiary of Lowes company. Woolworth reported $1.2 billion as sales from masters, which was a n increase of 21.8% as compared to previous year. Master loss before tax and interest were decreased by 4.9%, which amounted to $233.5 million. Net assets held for sale amounted to $897.9 million, stands for liabilities and assets are related to HTH, plant and equipment, property and related to Masters and other Group properties held for sale (Mitchell 2015). After the declaration of the exit from Home Improvement business, the management have promised a plan to practise an orderly potential exit from the Home Improvement business. Additionally, the Group has various property assets, which they are planning to sell (Addis 2016). Accordingly, liabilities and assets related to Home Timber and Hardware Group, equipment and plant, property relating to Masters and other Group p roperties held for the purpose of sale are included in the following table. Masters Home Improvement Australia Pty Limited (Masters) as the special agent for managing the selling Masters inventory appointed GA Australia Pty Ltd (GA Australia). Under the appointment conditions, GA Australia has offered a guarantee for recovering % of the cost value of Masters inventory that is subject to certain adjustments and is estimated to deliver gross proceeds of approximately $500 million (, 2017); Reference: Addis, J., 2016. Retail sector wrap: One opportunity and plenty of worry.Equity,30(3), p.6. Alden, S., 2016. Warning! Don't think that an agreement to act in good faith is to be taken lightly.Governance Directions,68(3), p.174. Biddle, I., 2016. The Wesfarmers/Woolworths duopoly war: The Bunnings vs. Masters battle.Busidate,24(3), p.3. Bond, D., Govendir, B. and Wells, P., 2016. An evaluation of asset impairments by Australian firms and whether they were impacted by AASB 136.Accounting Finance. Bond, D., Govendir, B. and Wells, P., 2016. An evaluation of asset impairment decisions by Australian firms and whether this was impacted by AASB 136. Hu, F., Percy, M. and Yao, D., 2015. Asset revaluations and earnings management: Evidence from Australian companies.Corporate Ownership and Control,13(1), pp.930-939. Mitchell, S., 2015. Woolworths braces for board shake-up. Rossouw, C., 2013. The need for specific accounting principles for non-profit organisations' assets without economic benefits, restricted donations and funds.Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences,6(2), pp.459-478. Rowe, A.L., Nowak, M., Quaddus, M. and Naude, M., 2014. Stakeholder engagement and sustainable corporate community investment.Business Strategy and the Environment,23(7), pp.461-474. (2017). 2016-annual -report. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Jan. 2017]. (2017). Home - Woolworths Annual Report 2016. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Jan. 2017]. Yao, D.F.T., Percy, M. and Hu, F., 2015. Journal of Contemporary Accounting Economics.Journal of Contemporary Accounting Economics,11, pp.31-45.

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4 Key Essay Topic Categories

4 Key Essay Topic CategoriesHow to write an essay topic that is interesting and true to your personal values? Whether you are planning to send your essay to a school or college or you are preparing to submit an application for a job, you will need to be aware of some of the major categories of essay topics. Knowing these categories will help you plan your essay with an eye to select the best topic that you can make your reader interested in reading.Nature vs. Nurture: This category of essay topics represents one of the easiest ways to highlight your personal values. You can express your values through your style, tone, theme, and content. If you intend to write an essay about your values, how to write an essay about them will require you to come up with an example. You can use the examples of people, pets, family, places, or products as examples that you can relate to your readers.Values should be something that you feel and know. It can include things like loyalty, fidelity, truthfu lness, integrity, hard work, generosity, patience, perseverance, compassion, sharing, truthfulness, kindness, respect, honor, courage, confidence, and reliability. Value statements are very important if you intend to write an essay about these types of values. They will provide readers with a glimpse into the type of person you are and should be used to help determine whether or not they will be interested in reading your essay.Nature vs. Nurture Essay Topics: Nature vs. Nurture Essay Topics should be one of the easier topics to write about. You can use nature in the title of your essay or throughout the body of your essay. However, the nature vs. nurture essay topics need to be carefully considered. If your purpose is to create a 'crisis for the reader' then you will want to keep it to a minimum. If your purpose is to give your readers something that they can relate to, then you can explore various ideas related to their values.Nature and nurture: These two categories are important ways to show that you have an inner value or that you are part of a family or a culture that values certain things. Both nature and nurture can go a long way in expressing your own inner values. If you are writing about your values, how to write an essay about them will involve some research. The research involved in this kind of essay will include analyzing what it is that drives your values. There are many great websites online that can help you with this aspect of research.Nurture and nature: This is a great way to express the qualities that you feel will make you successful in a certain position. You can use either one, but the nature vs. nurture essay topics will need to do more than just make an argument for your professional opportunities. You will need to prove that you are trustworthy, capable, and that you are qualified for the position.For any of these categories of essay topics, you will want to ask specific advice from the experts. Writing good essays is a great skill and you will want to make sure that you are using it to the best of your ability. As you look at your topic, you can start to see what is best about it and what could be improved.